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[May 12th, 2018] Press release.

The story behind Light Posts, our potential release candidate.

On a cold night of April 27th 2017, at about 10PM in the night, I was walking all alone, traversing the long road from Gacuriro to Gishushu, my eyes so pointed at my smartphone trying to feel our new app. By the time I reached Gishushu, I had come to a conclusion that we had just reinvented our good old TorQue Workspace all over again - Says Jean NIYOTWAGIRA.

2017 Beta 1.
2018 Beta 1.

It is not every thing that comes easy, and LIGHT POS is one of those projects that did not come easy. The deliverables for the project included ambitions such as "Creating the best mobile app that Rwanda has ever seen" and "Using artificial intelligency to run distribution channels of physical products and services".

After spending countless hours, months of designing coding testing and coding and..., trying to come up with a new way for TorQue users to enjoy our services, the 2017 results were not what we expected. The product that we had just come up with was as good as it could be and it was really worth all the effort. It was what TorQue has been looking for as a whole, but it lacked something. It did not feel right.

After it was delivered to me - Jean, here is what I needed to see: First off, the new service needed to be a hundred percent internet independent[Check]. It needed to syncronize with other apps and servers in your organization[Failed]. It needed to track products from the time they are ordered to the time they reached their last distribution mile[Check]. It needed to have the ability to be installed on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. [Computers required internet access]. It needed to be built mobile first[Check] and it needed to be simple and easy to use[Failed], without compromising on its power[failed] and hidden complexity[failed]. Finally, it needed to have gamification abilities: It had to come to the user with reminders to perform forgotten tasks: If a user is on their phone, they need to receive a reminder, and it needed to come to the user in any circomstances(Online or offline), and it has to reward users who do a good job and to trigger them to use it more[Failed].

As a result, in 2017, the produced app had a lot of reds on the checklist hence it never moved past the Beta stage. A company being as a learning organism, the work that we had just produced was pushing us back to the drawing board. We decided to reject, all together, any input from the currently running platform. We decided to start from scratch. The new R & D was showing that at the core of this new system, we needed some intelligency. A.I needed to be at the core of this new platform.

Project PAMOJA Assistant.
We required that we put intelligency at the heart of the app, the first step was to create a simplistic personal assistant app. The app needed to be standalone, without requiring internet access. It needed mostly to be able to understand human language, analyze phrases and see if it has stored any answers that are relevant to the questions that it was asked to answer.
It also needed to be able to listen to events. For example, if we want it to print something at a specific time, you would give it what to tell at that time and then it would execute it.
It needed to be given information that it could repeat hourly, daily or monthly and this did not have to be hard coded. Any one who uses it should be able to text it a phrase such as: "Remind me every day that I have to enter data in the TorQue system at 8 AM".
It also needed to be able to execute other work. For example, you needed to text it to turn on its flash light at 10PM and turn it off at 10:30PM.
Lastly but not least, it needed to be able to translate speech to text.

Project TWILIGHT Avenue.
In parallel, we needed to build a fully functional new distribution channels management system having in mind that it will can receive inputs from its open API and that it can allow any external application access it through an API and that it could be monitored through that API.
This project was also aiming at being able to give our users insights on how their business will perform in the future through creating forecasts based on their past performance.

A developers' platform.
We also needed to build a developers platform. The platform's perpose was to attract developers through giving them access to mobile money payments technologies that we have alredy built, and then create a devolopers ecosystem from there.

The current Light Posts BETA 1 version is a combination of all the three services. Data entry and reports generating functionalities are fed through the Twilight Avenue system. Pamoja brings intelligency in giving the app the ability to be compact and to control the flow. Data access control is powered by the Light API. Light API controls the flow of services. It gives access to the entirelity of our platforms, including TorQue Workspace, Mobile Money payments from all the telecoms in Rwanda, electricity and airtime purchases are all channeled throught Light API.

Please see it here: Unveiling.

[May 1st, 2018] Press release.

TorQue releases the second generation of its Workspace platform.

In the wake of our turbulent years 2016 and 2017, TorQue set course for a new horizon to rediscover its long lost spirit. To make it there and going back to where it all began was quite a journey.

It all begins from a man who doesn't know how to quit, to men who have stood real tests of time. From a team that has made all kinds of mistakes, from mutiny plots to abandon ship mistakes. The few that survived are coming back to home port: A new flagship appears at the horizon. This is why we stand out! In our philosophy, there are no shortcuts, TorQue has to craft its own Startup Legend.

TorQue has released to the public, the first sneak peek of what the future of its next generation platform will be like. The old foundation spirit of TorQue is finally brought back and it is here to serve in humility but it is also to stop at nothing to deliver to the promises made to our audiences.
The second generation, is still under intense wrap up development and it is codenamed "Light Posts". This new generation comes to encrease speed of usage and access. It will deal with internet accessibility problems that was faced by the previous generation, it is also built mobile first, with speed in mind but most of all it is powered by our own ambitious Artificial Intelligency back end known to some of you as PAMOJA. As per this new release, the coming generation is loaded with all of our years of research and development and it is poised to be the next best thing that Rwanda and Africa has seen.

In his words, Jean recalls this promise to the previous subscribers of TorQue Workspace: "TorQue shall deliver, soon, its second generation of online and mobile, internet independent new distribution channels management systems. This new development will allow the platform to be both easy to use and to reach with ease 25,000 distribution outlets in Rwanda before spreading on the continent. It will support mobile money payments and it will create around it, a circle of developers' ecosystem to support its growth.

At the time of editing this article, the released system is in its ALPHA 2 version and it is being deployed on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. It can only be installed on any mobile or desktop operating system that is running Chrome 55 or higher. This means that it can run natively on any platform: It can run on Android smartphones and iPhone. It can also run on any PC or Apple computer.

Please see it here: Unveiling.


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